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DavySil™ :: Examples

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Dr Who Fused Mask

Dr Who Fused Mask

This was one of those times when DavySil™ came to the rescue.

The mask was supposed to have grown out of the faces of the people.

As a demo I directly applied the DavySil™ over the mask and face. This gave it the 'fused' look for the Dr Who episode 'The Empty Child'.

Bite mark on woman

Forensics Bite Mark

Some work involving me mocking up some forensic photographs for a police series called 'Conviction'.

I applied DavySil™ then, as it was almost set, I pushed a set of plaster dentures into the DavySil™ to create this makeup effect.

I had to make a young girl's skin look withered with trauma marks. I also painted it with 'Illustrator' palettes for the distinctive yellow tone.

Start of birth mark using DavySil

Birth Mark

This birth mark was done for a programme called 'Second Coming' with Christopher Eccleston (Dr Who).

Sadly, this part ended up on the cutting room floor. This was after many hours/days of recreating it.

I outlined and direct applied the DavySil™, as seen here, to break up the texture of her skin. I gave particular attention to the girl's cheek,eye and upper lip.

Port Wine Birth Mark

Birth Mark

This is the finished version of the birth mark. It was painted with 'Illustrator' inks.

I actually wanted to keep it to the shape above, but the production wanted more.

I felt it was overkill. HEY! Who am I?

Cut Hand using DavySil silicon techniques

Cut Hand

A prosthetic piece made from DavySil™.

Made for an episode of "Taggart".

Sutured Head using DavySil silicon techniques

Sutured Head

This is a DavySil™ wound that needed to be soutured in shot.

Daz Longthorne from A&E Series 2 did a good job in May 2000.

Needle through lip using DavySil silicon techniques

Needle Through Lip

Robbie Drake was required to do a lip piercing close-up shot with a needle.
As you can see he used DavySil™ to good effect.

This was done for a small independent film.


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