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DavySil™ :: Instructions

To order any DavySil™ please use the 'Contact' form or send an email.
Using DavySil™ Silicone

Testing the silicone straight from the jar will give you an indication of the standard firmness of the DavySil™ silicone.

Scooping a bit out and mixing it with other colours will enable you to create the colour match you are trying to reach e.g. a particular skin tone.

Adding Setting Agent.
As a guide:

  • 1 level teaspoon of DavySil™ paste takes about 4 drops of setting agent
  • 1 level tablespoon is about 8 to 10, for a good size wound, or burn

Mix this together for approximately 20secs and apply to a grease free area of the skin. Putting a little Telesis on the skin before this process will help to anchor the piece. Or, it this can be done later for a solid bond.

Smooth the piece out using a little alcohol texture with a sponge or cloth.
You can colour this with Illustrator if needed.

You have about 3 to 4mins to work.

Remove the silicone piece with Super Solve.

Using DavySil™ Thickener

If you have ordered any of the DavySil™ Thickener this will make the pieces firmer. It is the ideal for boney areas such as forehead, shins etc.
The Thickener is 1 or 2 drops to your mix.

Using DavySil™ Softener

If you have ordered any of the DavySil™ Softener this will make the pieces very soft. It is the ideal for areas such as neck and wrist with a lot of movement.
Softener is a few drops to a ¼ or ½ or 1 to 1 and over of your mix.

You do not need to worry about mixing time when adding the Softener or Thickener. Only the setting agent will cure the DavySil™ silicone.

Top Tips
  • Don’t use latex wedges or gloves. DavySil™ does not like any of these materials.
  • Hot weather will set it faster so add slightly less setting agent.
  • If the DavySil™ is cool you have a little more working time.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions or queries about DavySil™ please contact me on my contact page. - Contact Me -


Below are some examples of mine using DavySil™.
If you have used DavySil™ and have some good pics send them in and we'll get them on the DavySil™ gallery.
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Dr Who Fused Mask
Bite mark on woman
Birth mark. Start of DavySil.
Port Wine Birth Mark
Cut Hand using DavySil Product
Sutured Head using DavySil Product
Needle through lip  using DavySil Product


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