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To order any DavySil™ please use the 'Contact' form or send an email.
DavySil™ is a professional two-part platinum cure silicon paste, which is widely used by professionals, students and colleges.

It comes in an assortment of colours. The colours can be mixed to give a perfect and wide variety of skin tones and skin effects, eg:

  • Burns
  • Lacerations
  • Build-ups
  • and many more...

Also within the DavySil™ product range:

  • Thickening agent – this makes the mix firmer for build-ups
  • Softening agent – this aids flexibility in areas like the neck, wrist and face

Treat DavySil™, as you would treat wax.

A few advantages are:

  • It sets firm
  • It will not melt
  • It is waterproof
  • No need to worry about people touching it
  • You control how hard or soft it becomes
  • It can be removed carefully and re-applied

If your edges are bad from removing the piece just mix up a little and re-apply over the edges.

If you have a mold, you can paste it in. When it sets you have a perfect continuity piece for everyday. IT’S ENDLESS!!

Colour it up with Illustrator or grease paint.

For a really firm hold, the use of a small amount of Telesis adhesive is added to a cleaned skin prior to applying DavySil™.

If re-applying, remove with super solve and clean the DavySil™ piece with IPA alcohol.



Below are some examples of mine using DavySil™.
If you have used DavySil™ and have some good pics send them in and we'll get them on the DavySil™ gallery.
Click here for DavySil™ gallery
Dr Who Fused Mask
Bite mark on woman
Birth mark. Start of DavySil.
Port Wine Birth Mark
Cut Hand using DavySil Product
Sutured Head using DavySil Product
Needle through lip  using DavySil Product


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