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Gallery :: Bodies

How do you work so hard to create award winning prosthetics in virtually no time, with little money, pull it all off miraculously. Then be made to feel like crap at the end of the production.
I don’t Know but Bodies Managed it!!

Look out for some video footage soon. If I'm working it might take a bit of time though.

Click on image for big pic
Max Beesley with burnt body

Burnt Body

Max Beesley as himself. A great guy. I enjoyed being on set with him. Loved his banter, especially with Ged Macuro the writer, and especially his impressions. Max is with our burns victim. Thank god it's all makeup !!

Gel Baby Head - Bodies BBC3Gel Baby Head

Here is a close up shot of the vinyl baby made for the birth scene. We won our RTS( Royal Television Award) for our hard work.

Gel Baby Head - Bodies BBC3Gel Baby Head 01

Same again. Another angle. Will show the sculpt later on.

Birth and Max Beesley - Bodies BBC3Birth

Max Beesley in birth mode. Our fake torso and baby head. Max and Patrick did a sterling job.

Birth  - Bodies BBC3Birth 01

Close up of the birth. Our prosthetic legs and tum are slighty dislocated to aid the birthing process.

Birth  - Bodies BBC3Birth 02

Close up of birth. Look out for video footage on soon.

Fake Belly  - Bodies BBC3Fake Belly

Here we show you how we made all our bellys to fit under and around our actor. This is inter-cut with our fake belly and the the full birth prosthetic.

Fake Belly  - Bodies BBC3Gel Baby

One of my gel babies. I had the mold for this stolen on the last day of bodies!
I was so gutted, as it was about the fourth re-sculpt and re-mould for me to get it to this point.
I don’t sculpt enough everyday to get better or quicker. It was a mould that had served me well for many jobs.

Premature Birth  - Bodies BBC3Premature Birth

Lovely Neave with the gel baby. What a great face. And the baby's fine too!!

Burns Victim - Bodies BBC3Burns Victim

This was part of an episode in which, a husband sets fire to his gilfriend and his son.
This was a cast from a mould made for A&E years ago. I redressed with burns.

Burns Victim - Bodies BBC3Burns Victim 01

Patrick with our young burns boy. We liked Patrick a lot. His character was a totally shit...
Far from the truth. Patrick’s a great guy.
Look forward to working with them all again. Great cast.
The show deserved much more. Jed Macuro is a Great writer.

Burns Victim - Bodies BBC3Burns Victim 02

Just some makeup stages of how I got our burns victim to her shocking state.

Burns Victim - Bodies BBC3Burns Victim 03

First I just added some generic eye bags to aid the swollen look and some pre-painted generic gel pieces on her shoulder and chest.

Burns Victim - Bodies BBC3Burns Victim 04

I then added a partial bald cap to hide her own hair.

Burns Victim - Bodies BBC3Burns Victim 05

Now some small gel pieces to her face with my own gel and my own direct applied gel mix.

Burns Victim - Bodies BBC3Burns Victim 06

Here, I have pre-made a body suit (arms and legs), so she can just slip them on for time and conveince.
E.g. the loo!!
We also put our fake bellies on her and direct applied all the seams.
Lyn is doing a bit of colour.

Burns Victim - Bodies BBC3Burns Victim 07

Close-up of the same. This is before our gel goes on to make it look wet which, is not entirely medically correct but brings the colour to life.

Burns Victim - Bodies BBC3Burns Victim 08

Dave here doing some touch ups. Her legs and arms wrapped in cling film which, they do to keep moisture in. And Hey Presto !!

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